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Why personalized social-emotional learning?

Every child shines in their own way, and their learning journey should reflect that! By valuing each child's individuality, we nurture their unique learning style and help them grow. 🌱

Backed by science

Research from the National Library of Medicine found that personalized learning improves understanding & retention in children.

No time to waste

90% of children's critical brain development occurs by age 5.

Experts demand it!

About 90% of elementary & secondary teachers agree that promoting social-emotional learning improves academic achievement.

Building a community to support you!

Parenting takes a village! Join the families and learning professionals who use Nookly to make learning more joyful and believe in our mission to make personalized learning more accessible to every child.

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Learning is not one size fits all!

Every child is unique and has diverse learning styles, preferences, and needs. We believe that learning should be tailored to accommodate each individual to improve effectiveness and inclusivity! 

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Let AI work for you! Our AI can help you create engaging, tailored tales, in just a few minutes!

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Accelerate social and emotional growth through scientifically backed, visually engaging stories tailored to each child.

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Let AI work for you! Our AI can help you create engaging, tailored tales, in just a few minutes!

Easy, Breezy, Personalized🍃

Every story is uniquely crafted to fit each child's individual learning needs.

Ready to fastrack your kids social & emotional growth!

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"Nookly helps me quickly create engaging stories.

As a child psychologist, I constantly use visual aids to make my sessions relatable for kids. With 30 kids every week, it was almost impossible to personalize content until I tried Nookly.

Clara T

My daughter thought it was funny and interesting that there was a story customized for her. Like most people, she loves things that talk about her

I created a story to prepare her for her next sleep over

Otto P
Father of 7 year old

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to find the keys to Narnia or figure out how to navigate Nookly🗝️✨ No question is too small or too big—let's explore the magic together! 🧚📚

How does Nookly personalize content for kids?

Nookly uses generative AI models trained over millions of social emotional learning content to generate high-quality stories. We personalize the stories for your child's name, gender, age, ethnicity. We are introducing new ways to customize facial features, family structure, pets and even favorite sports, to help kids learn more effectively.

Is Nookly safe for my child to use?

Absolutely! At Nookly, your child's safety and privacy are our top priorities. We provide age-appropriate, ad-free content curated by experts, ensuring a secure and educational experience. We adhere to strict data privacy regulations, with robust parental controls to customize your child's journey. Feel confident knowing that Nookly is a safe and nurturing space for your child's adventures!

How do I start using Nookly?

It is so simple! Just create an account, share a learning goal, teach us a little about your child and voila 🪄 your story is ready to go. You can edit the captions, regenerate images and much more.

Is there a subscription fee for Nookly?

Nookly is a subscription based service. Any new user gets initial free credits to build a story. It is then $9 for 25 story credits. Your stories will always be available in your library and you can share the stories to read with as many people as you want.

What age groups does Nookly cater to?

Nookly is primarily focused on developing learning materials for kids between 2 and 6 years old; however. many of our users build learning stories for older kids as well! Each child is unique personalized stories can help develop important social-emotional skills for older children or even the inner children within us all.

Can I use Nookly for children with special learning needs?

Nookly was initially inspired as a tool to develop social stories for children on the autism spectrum. Many of our users use Nookly to create engaging visual supports in speech therapy, behavior therapy contexts or just teaching kids to read. You can learn more about social stories in our blog post about the topic here.

Can Nookly content be used in classrooms?

Short answer is YES! Nookly has been used in classrooms to create personalized, scaffolded learning content for your child. Here is an example of a time we worked with 60 first graders to learn about patience.

Can I share Nookly stories with friends and family?

Of course! The more, the merrier🐥. From your profile menu, go to your reading nook. Next to each of your stories, you'll find icons to share via Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, X (previously Twitter) or copying a url.

Is there a mobile app for Nookly?

Not yet; we are working hard on getting an app out. Stay tuned.🚀

How do I provide feedback or suggest new features?

We are always looking forward to receiving feedback or co-designing Nookly with you; please email us at: or We read all of your emails! 🐝

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