Rex Duval

Rex Duval

Cofounder & CEO

Hello! I was born and raised in New York City (go Knicks!) and moved to Chicago in 2020 with my wife, Micah, who is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology and supports children with neurodevelopmental disorders. I have a younger sister who’s an actress and stole all my singing talent (clearly not bitter at all)

I started my career in sales at a SaaS company and transitioned to consulting before getting my MBA at UChicago

The mission of Nookly is personal for me as there are many people in my life who have either (1) struggled in traditional learning environments - my sister is dyslexic and had a difficult time in school when she was young - or (2) have dedicated their life to helping others learn and grow - my wife, Micah.

Nookly represents an amazing opportunity to help children learn through more personalized content and to support those who teach by making that content easy to create. I’m motivated by the idea that bringing Nookly’s vision to life will be a dynamic and exciting journey that leaves the world better for us having traveled it.